Hoist spare parts

Emma Neuhaus

21.9.1859 – 29.1.1932

At the age of 57 Louis Neuhaus died and his wife Emma who outlived him by 27 years took over the whole responsibility for the family, house and business. Without her dedication the age-old tradition could have easily come to an end.

Emma Neuhaus took overall responsibility for running the business although in the smithy it was very difficult to substitute her husband. She had to work with an unskilled labour force but the financial accounts for those times showed a steady continuity. For special equipment she was assisted by the foreman Wilhelm Müller who had learned his trade in the smithy and who completed this special work in the evening when the rest of the workforce had finished for the day. In 1907 both married.

In 1922 she handed over the whole property to her youngest son Max Neuhaus with the consent of her second husband and her still alive children.

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