Hoist spare parts

Louis Neuhaus

31.10.1848 – 20.2.1905

One year after his father´s death he married Emma Brinkhoff who was going to play an important part in the history. But everything in succession: Under the leadership of Louis Neuhaus the company specialised more. The rapidly increasing mining industry prospered from the growth in general industry which was – apart from the consumption of coal in private households – the main consumer. In addition the mining industry created jobs in other service industries due to it’s high demand on the machinery and equipment required to process the coal.


One of the tools more frequently requested was the Neuhaus winch. Although the Neuhaus company was not yet much more than a manual smithy with a winch fabrication facility Louis expanded the business with great success. He demolished the old smithy and built a much larger smithy next to the family dwelling where the first manually driven manufacturing machines began production of winches.

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