Hoist spare parts
Pneumatic vs. electric hoists
Assembly, installation and maintenance

Pneumatic hoists offer the big picture of individual solutions, quick installation and operation as well as time- and cost-efficient maintenance.


  • Individual solutions

    • Adaptable for individual solutions vs. Electronics does have its limits
  • Fast installation and start-up

    • Ready, Set, Go vs. Complex installation
  •  Easy maintenance

    • Minimum downtime thanks to easy maintenance vs. : Higher complexity results in high maintenance needs


Individual solutions


AIR HOISTS: Adaptable for individual solutions

The modular design and pure mechanics of a pneumatic hoist combined with over 277 years of engineering experience allow individual adaptations of JDN lifting equipment to your special requirements and wishes. As an example, the lifting and control lengths can be adapted to your specific needs. Next to this, a range of different modifications and customized solutions are possible. Our experts gladly advise you based on your ideas and requirements.


ELECTRIC  CHAIN HOISTS: Electronics does have its limits

Individuality and adaptability quickly have limits when it comes to electronics. The complexity of the electrical components, such as the switching unit, limits the adaptability of these hoist types.


Fast installation and start-up


AIR HOISTS: Ready, Set, Go

Pneumatic hoists do not require a long and complex installation period. The only requirement: a compressed air supply. Installation should always be carried out by skilled and from JDN trained personnel. Our experienced J.D. Neuhaus service technicians will gladly take care of the professional installation at your site for a fast and reliable installation. Therefore, our JDN Global ServiceGlobal Service Network gives you access to trained experts worldwide.


ELECTRIC CHAIN HOISTS: Complex installation

An electrical installation must only be carried out by certified electricians and not, for example, by mechanics. Checking the phase sequence and installing overload switches and fuses takes time and know-how and results in addtional cost. However, it is a must-have for a later risk-free usage of the lifting equipment. For electrical equipment often even not only hardware but also software must be installed professionally. Next to this, an insulation test or protective conductor test is also mandatory and must be arranged by the operator.


Easy maintenance


AIR HOISTS: Minimum downtime thanks to easy maintenance

Despite their enormous robustness, regular maintenance is important for a long product-lifespan. But pneumatic hoists offer you the advantage of quick maintenance times and thereby minimal downtimes. Thanks to modular technology and robust components, maintenance can be carried out easily, quickly and cost-effectively – and if required can easily be trained. Depending on the hoist series, maintenance work can even be carried out on the hook and all parts can be checked and replaced on site. Also disconnecting the device from the compressed air supply is easy to handle while the air supply can even be tested safely in explosive atmospheres. Air hoists thus stand for a low total cost of ownership (TCO), high economic efficiency and sustainability. Our trained service experts gladly take care of maintenance work for you.


ELECTRIC CHAIN HOISTS: Higher complexity results in high maintenance needs

Electric hoists are complex systems consisting of mechanics, electronics and electrics including a higher number of components. This means more sensitivity, necessary maintenance work and potentially higher maintenance costs. Not only is special measuring equipment required, but above certain voltages, electrotechnical trained staff or qualified electricians are required for every activity. In addition, every 4 years electrical cranes as well as hoists in trolleys must be subjected to an insulation test resulting in more additional maintenance costs.

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