Hoist spare parts
Pneumatic vs. electric hoists

The incomparable robustness of pneumatic hoists ensures maximum durability – even with extreme environments or high hygiene requirements. Thus pneumatic hoists always offer high reliability and safety.


  • Reliable technology

    • Incombarably robust & durable vs. Sensitive electronics
  • Operating conditions

    • Always prepared – for all conditions and temperatures vs. Not a friend of extremes
  • Cleanliness

    • Suitable for highest hygiene standards vs. Potential dangers during cleaning


Reliable technology


AIR HOISTS: Uniquely robust & durable

Air hoists are open systems that are inherently robust and insensitive to dirt as well as humid and aggressive environments. High-quality materials, sustainable product design that is made in Germany and perfected over the years make JDN pneumatic hoists “rock solid” – withstanding all circumstances over a long period of time. Based on this our long-lasting solutions also contribute to sustainability while low defect rates, even with rough handling, ensure uninterrupted operations. You can count on it!


ELECTRIC CHAIN HOISTS: Sensitive electronics

Electric hoists contain a large number of components and as their basis sensitive electronics. This means many potential sources of defects and greater sensitivity. Frequent switching on and off, humidity and heat can quickly damage the electronics and create potential hazards.


Operating conditions


AIR HOISTS: Always prepared – for all conditions and temperatures

Extreme temperatures, dirt, humidity, dust or vapors – pneumatic hoists are reliable equipment even under harsh and extreme conditions. How is this possible? Pneumatic hoists are mechanical systems and therefore impervious to much of the environment. They can even be used underwater, for example for ship repair. Also, temperatures from -20°C to +70°C are no problem for our standard hoists. Special versions, for example for low temperatures, cover even more demanding temperature ranges. A special advantage: the compressed air ensures that dirt and water are blown out automatically.


ELECTRIC CHAIN HOISTS: Not a friend of extremes

Electric hoists in combination with humidity or water are a big problem. Humidity does not only risk the functionality of the electrics, but there is also the risk of electric shocks. For this reason, additional sealing is necessary for electric hoists resulting in additional costs. Next to this, extreme temperatures also pose a threat to the functionality of electrical lifting equipment, as for example overheating can occur at high temperatures.




AIR HOISTS: Suitable for highest hygiene standards

In certain sectors, such as the food or pharmaceutical industry, cleanliness is a top priority. Pneumatic hoists meet the highest hygienic requirements because they can be cleaned and hosed down very easily – and this without any risk due to the medium air. Even aggressive cleaning products can be used. Our high-quality stainless-steel components and paint finishes withstand those even over long periods of use. Another benefit: J.D. Neuhaus air hoists are also operated without oil and are equipped with permanent lubrication. Therefore, no additional greasing is necessary. For the special requirements in the food industry we have also developed a specific air hoist: the mini Food Grade.


ELECTRIC CHAIN HOISTS: Potential dangers during cleaning

Liquid cleaning chemicals or vapors are necessary to ensure compliance with hygiene requirements. However, electronics are not only sensitive to humidity, but also to aggressive cleaning products. During cleaning electricity even means potential danger. As a result, electric hoists have to be additionally protected by special housings entailing extra costs.

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