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Celebrating Heritage: The Oldest Known JDN Product


Helmut Kohl, former German Chancellor, wisely observed, “Someone who does not know the past, cannot understand the present and cannot create the future.” This resonates deeply with us at JDN, highlighting the significance of our heritage in shaping the future.

Recently, we celebrated an addition to the JDN legacy: a wooden winch believed to be more than 150 years old, making it the most ancient artifact in our extensive collection of historical machinery. Unlike the more modern examples in mining museums across the Ruhr area or even in our own company museum, which feature bolted and screwed components, this winch is meticulously assembled with wedged joints, showcasing the skill and ingenuity of craftsmen from a bygone era.

During the recent inauguration of new facilities, this winch was proudly unveiled by our managing shareholder, Wilfried Neuhaus-Galladé. He shared, “When we had the chance to reclaim this winch, crafted by our ancestors, there was no hesitation. It’s not just a tool; it’s a symbol of enduring quality and the tenacious spirit of those who built it.”

Now prominently displayed in our headquarters, the winch serves not only as a daily inspiration to our team but also as a physical embodiment of our commitment to enduring quality and robust design. Each glance at the winch reminds us of our responsibility to maintain the standards set by generations before us, inspiring our current efforts to develop solutions that are not only effective but also sustainable and long-lasting.

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