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J.D. Neuhaus receives 100 % green electricity from Stadtwerke Witten

W.Neuhaus-Galladé and Stadtwerke Witten


J.D. Neuhaus in Witten runs on 100% green electricity from the Stadtwerke Witten. This reduces our electricity-related CO2 emissions to 0 kg. For our sustainable commitment, the Stadtwerke awarded us with the green electricity certificate.

“The careful use of resources is a high priority in every process step. Switching to green electricity from our local energy supplier is the next logical step for us in our sustainability strategy. With less extra effort, we achieve a lot for future generations,” says Wilfried Neuhaus-Galladé, our managing partner.

“Climate change, limited natural resources and an increasing demand for energy are the major challenges of our time. J.D. Neuhaus has been a pioneer for sustainable business in Witten for many years. We are therefore delighted to be able to present our customer with the green electricity certificate,” says Markus Borgiel, Head of Sales and Procurement at Stadtwerke Witten.

As further steps in our sustainability strategy, it is planned to install several charging points for electric vehicles on the plant grounds. These will then of course be supplied with 100 % green electricity and enable environmentally friendly mobility. In addition, a photovoltaic system will make our company a producer of sustainable electricity.

As a local energy supplier, Stadtwerke Witten has a social responsibility and acts with foresight. As early as 2012, they decided to provide green electricity to all private households, small businesses in Witten, the housing industry, and charging facilities for electric vehicles.

Companies, just like us, can also easily switch to green electricity. The “green electricity” comes 100% from certified European plants that generate electricity from renewable sources such as solar energy, wind or hydropower. The municipal utility has this regularly checked and certified by TÜV Nord.

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