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Setting even higher standards – the update of the JDN mini Food Grade

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Three months ago, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of the JDN mini Food Grade. Now we are launching its first major upgrade.

In the last year, the JDN mini Food Grade set new standards for hoists in the food industry. We convinced our customers all over the world to install this hoist in slaughterhouses, dairy plants or vegetable processing applications. The launch of the updated version of the JDN mini Food Grade marks the next chapter of this success story.

But what have we done to increase the performance of the hoist even more? We simply listened to our customers’ feedback and never stopped testing.

A step-by-step description of the improvements will help you to understand the updated hoist even better:

Stainless Steel Chain Bag

For hygiene purposes, the hoist is cleaned regularly by ample water and detergents. The cleaning agents must reach every part of the hoist as effectively as possible and then flow off again just as easily, in order to get the hoist ready for use. This is made possible by the water-permeable chain box made of high-quality stainless-steel elements. Summed up, this option for the hoist improves hygiene while allowing it to maintain its performance.

Twist Lock Hook Conversion Kit

In addition to the high hygiene standards, safety plays a major role. The standard JDN twist-lock hook is now also available in an extended stainless-steel version. This option allows for a higher durability due to increased corrosion resistance.

Lasered Marking

In our climatic chamber, we found that with extremely aggressive cleaning agents combined with a water cleaning pressure of up to 100 bar, stickers on the device will come off. From now on, all elements such as lettering and type plate – including the QR code for the JDN mini as well as for the JDN mini Food Grade – are lasered on. They are therefore always visible and readable on the device without the risk of sticker residue contaminating fresh food products.

Improved Control Pendant

The control pendant is extremely critical for the safe operation of the hoist. Therefore, we added a protective cap for the emergency-off button to guarantee maximum functionality and safety.

More Corrosion Resistant Parts

Within the hoist, small parts such as screws or springs can cause failure if they corrode. Therefore, the JDN mini has received minor adjustments to make it even more robust, safer and ultimately better.

Stainless Steel Trolley

The option of a stainless-steel trolley broadly expands the application potential of the JDN mini Food Grade. High-quality materials guarantee maximum safety combined with high resistance against environmental influences.

All these options are now included in our catalog and can now be ordered. Contact us to get more information!

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