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Sustainability at J.D. NEUHAUS – Embedded in our DNA


As described in our brand promise “Permanent Excellence”, we aspire to be a quality-conscious and sustainable manufacturer of pneumatic lifting equipment. Our vision “We help people move loads in a digitalized and sustainable world” determines our path for establishing comprehensive solutions for more sustainability in our products, processes and in the way we work.

Not only since the topic of sustainability has been discussed more intensively in public has it become an integral part of our corporate philosophy. “A company that has existed for over 275 years has it in its DNA to work in an economically and ecologically sustainable manner. Now the current generation is responsible for creating the foundation for a healthy company” , says Armin Decker, our Operations Manager and Global Change Leader. Already through our production system and the process of continuous improvement we want to avoid any kind of waste. The backbone of the entire production chain on our 27,000 m² plant site in Witten-Heven is the “JDN Production System”, which is based on the Toyota Production System. Methods and principles such as Lean Management, Just in Time or the Pull Principle lay the foundation for producing high-quality hoists. For example, the pull principle in our production creates the conditions for starting production of a hoist only when the customer actually orders it.

“In general, the following applies in all our entrepreneurial activities: Never lose sight of aspects of sustainability. When we talk about sustainability in the Group, we are talking about avoiding waste. Waste not only causes unnecessary costs, it is also harmful to the environment and brings no benefit to the user,” says Wilfried Neuhaus-Galladé, our Managing Director. The measures implemented in recent years have also had a positive impact on order throughput times. As an example, our managing partner mentions a complex hoist like the PROFI series in the medium load capacity segment: “Whereas ten years ago it took several weeks on average to deliver this hoist, today the order throughput time for such a hoist is only a few days. This aspect not only influences our sustainability aspects, it also leads to customer benefits in the end”.

Our supplier system is designed “around the steeple.” We avoid direct suppliers from Asia or other distant countries. In this way, we avoid unnecessary CO-2 emissions for transporting the materials and raw materials we need to produce our pneumatic hoists. In the future, together with our suppliers, we will continue to work more intensively on the issue of sustainability and improve.

Electricity, water and crude oil

In addition, the careful use of resources such as electricity and water also enjoys high priority in our considerations. Wilfried Neuhaus-Galladé: “In this respect, too, we strive to use as little waste as possible.” From April 2021, we will be purchasing only green electricity from our local energy provider, Stadtwerke Witten. This will reduce our KG value of CO-2 emissions from 790,000 to 0. Three of five production halls on the factory premises have already been equipped with LED lighting technology, and the next 2 production halls will soon receive this technology.

Certainly, we have to keep an eye on our heating systems in the plant. These are operated with fuel oil and natural gas. Here, it will be important to find solutions in the future that are more environmentally friendly and thus more ecologically sustainable than the previous solutions. With modern waste water technology the environmental impact of our company is kept as low as possible.

Maintenance of the JDN green areas

Since 1745 we have been located in the Windenstraße. Accordingly, there are many very old trees on our company premises, which are also home to a wide variety of bird species. “It was a matter of concern to us early on to enter every tree on our company premises in a cadastre. Should it ever become necessary for a tree on the premises to give way, we undertake to plant a new tree,” says our Managing Director. We also try to green our company grounds with native plants to provide food for many different species of insects. Whereas in previous years we used large machines to mow our lawns, we now maintain our lawns ourselves with modern robotic mowers, which in turn are charged with the green electricity.

Bees on the company premises

In addition, J.D. Neuhaus is growing by around 20,000 new employees at the Witten site from April. So we are now home to 2 colonies of bees on our company premises. “We want to make the topic of sustainability approachable for our employees and society in general on our company premises. And since bees are an essential part of our ecosystem, it makes us proud to offer a home to the colonies on our premises,” says Wilfried Neuhaus-Galladé.

One thing is certain: our goal of passing on a healthy earth to future generations can only be achieved if everyone does their part. Similar to a bee tribe.

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