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JDN overhead cranes are explosion-proof cranes that have been specially developed for harsh environments. They are an excellent solution when space is limited or heights are restricted. Overhead cranes enable space-saving utilisation and still offer a high load capacity and performance.

Features and variants of JDN overhead travelling cranes

  • Overhead cranes with flat-top trolleys: These crane systems are characterised by their low-profile trolleys, which enable efficient use at limited heights. These cranes are particularly suitable when there is little space between the crane system and the ceiling and heavy loads still need to be lifted.
  • Overhead travelling cranes with single or double girder construction: Overhead travelling cranes can be equipped with either a single main girder or two main girders on which the trolleys can be moved. Single girder cranes are often more space-saving and are suitable for lighter loads, while double girder cranes offer higher load capacities for transporting heavy loads.

JDN overhead cranes offer reliable and explosion-proof lifting technology that can be used in a variety of environments. They are known for their robustness, durability and safety and ensure precise handling of loads, even in demanding working environments.

To help you choose the right overhead crane for your specific requirements, experienced experts are on hand to advise you. JDN offers customised solutions and special systems to meet the individual needs of customers. With the explosion-proof pneumatic or hydraulic drives, the overhead travelling cranes can also be used safely and efficiently in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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