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JDN slewing and jib Cranes

JDN slewing and jib cranes are explosion-proof cranes that have been specially developed for use in the harshest environments. These cranes offer 360-degree freedom of movement and are ideal for applications where loads need to be lifted and transported in different directions.

Features and variants of JDN slewing and jib cranes:

  • 360-degree swivelling range: Slewing and jib cranes allow full rotation around the vertical axis and therefore offer unrestricted freedom of movement. This is particularly advantageous when loads need to be positioned in different places or moved along a larger area.
  • Various load-bearing capacities and spans: JDN slewing and jib cranes are available in various load capacities. This makes it possible to handle both lighter and heavier loads with a long reach.
  • Explosion-proof design: As with all JDN crane systems, the slewing and jib cranes are also explosion-proof, which makes them suitable for use in hazardous environments with a potential risk of explosion.

JDN slewing and jib cranes offer high flexibility and are ideal for working environments where precise and versatile load movement is required. JDN slewing and jib cranes are designed to handle tasks efficiently and safely.

JDN’s experienced experts support customers in selecting the right slewing and jib crane for their individual requirements and advise them on optimising their lifting technology processes. JDN is known for its high-quality, customised crane solutions that help customers to complete their tasks safely and efficiently in potentially explosive environments.

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