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Fast paced – the automotive industry relies on fast, efficient processes. One weak link in the assembly flow or supply chain can cause disruption and downtime which can ripple through the whole production line.


Automotive manufacturers and suppliers are seeking the fastest, most efficient processes with the highest possible quality – lowest rework rate. Only one error in precisely timed production can lead to multi-line downtime with higher unit production and repair costs as well as missed production targets.

The overhead lifting – material flow also needs to be as precise and ergonomic for the operator as possible to not damage product components or equipment, and to prevent operator fatigue – injury.

Efficient Processes

Process inefficiencies are expensive. Processes need to be reliable and fast to save money and resources.

Safety & Precision

Material needs to be moved in a precise ergonomic way in order to prevent damaged materials, equipment, or cause injury.

Service Costs

Multi-shift, continuous production requires 100% duty cycle with low maintenance time and effort.

Advantages & Benefits

The automotive industry relies on the precision and the robust reliability of our mini Series of air chain hoists. Their unique compact modular design not only saves space, but above all the saves time and money.

The patented J.D. Neuhaus pneumatic drive system, rated for 100% duty cycle, provides fast lifting and lowering speeds paired with smooth variable speed operation via a low resistance, ergonomic control station design which can be integrated into below the hook tooling and custom lifting systems.

Our modular design with fewer wear components reduces the number of inspection points and time spent performing maintenance activities. Routine maintenance and replacement of critical wear items can be completed quickly without removing the hoist from the application.

Increased Throughput

Designed for fast, reliable, continuous operation to increase production output while limiting potential downtime.

Precise Movement

Precision pneumatics for safe repetitive positioning of components, while reducing operator fatigue.

Reliability – Serviceability

Modular design with fewer components prevents unexpected downtime – reduces maintenance time, spare part and inventory costs.

Top Applications

  • Component machining & assembly
  • Engine pick & set
  • Transmission pick & set
  • Axle / chassis pick & set
  • Body & interior installation
  • Paint booths
  • Welding stations
  • Positioning of engines in test stands
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