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Chemical & Pharma

Unique demands in safety, certification, cleanliness, and consistent operations means identifying the correct equipment specification for chemical and pharmaceutical applications is crucial in making a smart investment and managing operating risk and long-term performance.

This is why so many companies rely on J.D. Neuhaus, with decades of experience supplying the correct overhead lifting solution, to optimize value and reliable performance within the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Environmental challenges such as exposure to hazardous – explosive vapor or dusts, humidity, confined workspaces – limited overhead clearances, and repetitive washdown with aggressive cleaners – detergents.

Safely handling and maneuvering bulk materials via big bag (super sack), barrels, or drums while maintaining operator control at a safe working distance.

In addition, Preventing contamination of the process and or products from equipment lubricants, exhaust, and corrosion or coating failures. Furthermore, performing critical routine and planned maintenance to processing and supporting equipment, often in confined spaces, in a safe controlled manner is one of the main challenges.

Explosive Environments

Equipment must be certified to operate within explosion proof / spark resistant hazardous areas.

Environmental Conditions

Difficulty ensuring reliable, clean – contaminate free processing in humid, washdown, and corrosive applications.

Limited Installation – Workspace

With complex power, piping, and high value machinery, hoists need to operate safely and reliably in tight spaces.

Advantages & Benefits

J.D. Neuhaus pneumatic and hydraulic hoists, trolleys, and crane systems are sealed – purely mechanical designs with materials (stainless steel, galvanizing, etc.) and coatings specifically selected for use in high humidity, washdown, and highly corrosive environments.

A range of hazardous area explosion proof / spark resistant certifications are available to ensure the correct equipment is supplied for safe operation without overpaying for unnecessary options. Learn more about hazardous area classifications here.

Pneumatic and hydraulic designs are typically more reliable and less expensive than comparable electric equipment. They are also easier to install and relocate as needed, a single air line connection for example using basic hand tools, compared to electric equipment with associated power supplies and wiring.

Multiple configurations using the same base hoist drivetrain allow diverse uses in low headroom, tight clearance, and stretched big bag / super sack handling applications while maintaining the same base components for uniform ease of maintenance and shared parts – with savings in maintenance / repair time and spare parts costs.

Impervious to the Elements

A purely mechanical design which means that water, humidity, dust do not lead to corrosion, short circuits, and expensive downtime.

Correct Safety Certifications

Demand oriented options and certifications per specific application – a smart investment.

Compact Versatile Designs

JDN hoists can be integrated quickly and smoothly into existing limited operation spaces due to the compact and robust design with lower maintenance costs.

Chemical & Pharma

Top Applications

  • Big Bag Handling
  • Barrel Handling
  • Lifting and transporting raw and finished goods
  • Handling of submersible pumps, racks, equipment
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Mounting of piping, pipe handling
  • All kinds of repair and installation work
  • Fast disassembly / assembly aid during equipment failure
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