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Energy Industry

The energy sector is of great industrial importance from the point of view of national economies, given the high value of a secure – reliable energy supply. Due to the diversity of power generation processes may differ, but key maintenance processes and turbine handling are still relevant for each type.


Power generation plants are costly to build and also to maintain. In environments were heat, explosive gases, humidity or dirt occurs frequently, being able to quickly yet safely maintain or replace core generation equipment is key to ensuring uninterrupted output.

As facilities have been updated over the years, physical space for new equipment, materials flow, and piping are at a premium. Technicians must perform work in confined spaces, often in the presence of potential explosive dusts (coal) or gases (natural gas, secondary products).

Resilient to Environmental Conditions

JDN hoists are designed to operate in the most adverse environmental conditions and are therefore ready for operation at any time.

Safety & Precision

Material needs to be moved in a precise ergonomic way in order to prevent damaged materials, equipment, or cause injury.

Service Costs

Maintenance Processes need be as fast as possible as every breakdown of turbines or machines costs money and time.

Advantages & Benefits

J.D. Neuhaus pneumatic and hydraulic hoists, trolleys, and crane systems are sealed – purely mechanical designs specifically selected for use in high humidity and dust environments.

A range of hazardous area explosion proof / spark resistant certifications are available to ensure the correct equipment is supplied for safe operation without overpaying for unnecessary options. Learn more about hazardous area classifications here.

Pneumatic and hydraulic designs are typically more reliable and less expensive than comparable electric equipment. They are also easier to install and relocate as needed, a single air line connection for example using basic hand tools, compared to electric equipment with associated power supplies and wiring.

Multiple configurations using the same base hoist drivetrain allow diverse uses in standard, low headroom, and tight clearance applications while maintaining the same base components for uniform ease of maintenance and shared parts – with savings in maintenance / repair time and spare parts costs.

Explosion Proof Certifications

Equipment certifications specific to the requirements of the energy industry, a smart safe investment.

Compact and Robust Design

JDN hoists are designed to be compact and extremely robust, and offer easy handling with low maintenance costs.

Reliability – Serviceability

Modular design with fewer components prevents unexpected downtime – reduces maintenance time, spare part and inventory costs.

Permanent Excellence

Top Applications

  • Maintenance processes
  • Shut-downs and turn-around projects
  • Turbine handling
  • Crusher and conveyor maintenance
  • Filter and scrubber exchanges
  • Construction activities
  • Material and tool handling for towers (high height / long lift)
  • Special applications with capacities up to 100 t
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