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Clean, Contaminate Free, Efficient – the standards and expectations for hygiene and efficiency in the competitive food & beverage industry are rising strongly.


Equipment is often exposed to wet and humid environments, a variety of temperatures ranging from below freezing to well over 100°F, with repetitive washdown cycles using aggressive cleaners and detergents.

Additionally, downtimes doe not just result in loss of time and productivity costs – it can cause spoilage and loss of entire batches of product if not quickly resolved.

Inferior materials can also result in poor reliability with high repair costs, and contamination – loss of product.

Cost Efficiency

The cost pressure in production is high, yet improper equipment with constant exchange and downtime lead to high total costs of ownership and non efficient processes.

Environmental Conditions

Difficulty ensuring reliable, clean – contaminate free processing in humid, washdown, and extreme temperature applications. Causing high repair costs and product losses.

Cleaning Processes

The demands for a hygienic and clean production are putting pressure on the producers. As a result, every machine and every workstation needs to withstand repetitive cleaning with aggressive detergents.

Advantages & Benefits

J.D. Neuhaus pneumatic hoists with special food grade materials and lubricants are the proven solution for the unique challenges faced in food and beverage production.

The advantages and benefits at a glance:

Insensitive to environmental

The pneumatic drive is purely mechanical which means that water and humidity do not lead to short circuits, corrosion, and expensive downtime.

Food Grade Compliant

The use of stainless steel components and food compliant lubricants optimizes the hoist for the food industry.

Cost Effective Maintenance

Our solutions are designed to be serviced quickly with few parts. Operating performance and reliability is increased with significant maintenance cost savings.

J.D. Neuhaus Permanent Excellence

Top Applications

  • Fruit and vegetable washing, processing, packaging
  • Meat processing, butchering operations
  • Seafood processing and handling
  • Handling of maintenance and measuring equipment
  • Bulk materials handling, big bag / super sack
  • Grain processing and storage, silo maintenance
  • Handling of goods in breweries, mills, dairies, jam, and luxury food production
  • Handling of frozen goods
  • Handling of containers
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