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Metals Industry

Heat, dust, dirt – steelworks and foundries place high demands on lifting equipment. Metal producers can only be profitable if their furnaces are running. Processes must therefore be safe and extremely reliable.


The metals industry is characterized by high temperatures, dust, splatter, and extreme vibrations. Repetitive lifting processes need to be safe and reliable and thus play an important role for the producer to be profitable.

With the variety of applications, from transporting hot ladles with liquid metals to maintenance works of the furnaces and equipment within these extreme environments, it is critical that the operator is able to safely maintain control of the load during lifting operations.

Operating Versatility

High loads, long lifts, ease of installation and removal, and the safety of surrounding workers must all be considered.

Environmental Conditions

Due to high temperatures dust, and dirt, the operating environment is one of the most unpredictable.

Explosive Environment

High demands on safety and explosion protection make it challenging for personnel and equipment.

Advantages & Benefits

With decades of experience, J.D. Neuhaus hoists are designed and manufactured specifically to the requirements of the metals industry.

The pneumatic or hydraulic drive system is explosion proof – generates no sparks, needs no electricity, and is suitable for vertical, horizontal, and oblique pulling. Learn more about hazardous area – explosion proof classifications here.

The compact and robust design of the hoists includes a 100% duty rating, with minimal maintenance, ensuring the highest long-term value – proven in this challenging environment.

Impervious to the Elements

The pneumatic drive is purely mechanical which means that temperatures, dust or dirt are no problem for JDN hoists and trolleys.

Explosion Proof Certifications

Equipment certifications specific to the requirements of the metals industry – a smart safe investment.

Compact and Robust Design

JDN hoists are designed to be compact and extremely robust, and offer easy handling with low maintenance costs.

Permanent Excellence

Top Applications

  • Transporting and discharging ladles with liquid metals
  • Mold making, handling, and separation
  • Handling of cast parts on shaking grates
  • Cleaning of castings
  • Raw and finished material handling: rolls, sheets, extrusions
  • Equipment maintenance
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