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Oil & Gas – Processing (Onshore)

Oil & Gas Processing is a complex operation that needs highly trained staff and proven technology with maximum safety requirements.


When processing hydrocarbons – mainly crude oil or natural gas – into a range of usable products, each step in the process is important and often unique. Hoist systems are used across the range of processes in a variety of ways and can often be moved and reconfigured when needed.

Some process steps are defined by weather and the elements, others by a potentially explosive environment. Regardless, risk management, safety, and explosive protection play major roles.

Due to the high operating costs of refineries and processors, each process step needs be operated in and efficient consistent way.

Cost Intensive

High Operating Cost and 24/7 availability require the most efficient lifting tools.

Explosive Environments

Equipment must be certified to operate within explosion proof / spark resistant hazardous areas.

Environmental Conditions

Exposed to the elements, limited space, high risk load handling, the operating environment is one of the most challenging.

Advantages & Benefits

J.D. Neuhaus is the dominant pneumatic and hydraulic hoist partner to nearly all the largest refineries in the world. These partnerships have proven our diverse technical capabilities and ability to provide reliable – high return on investment equipment across a diverse range of oil and gas processing applications.

A range of hazardous area explosion proof and spark resistant certifications are available to ensure the correct equipment is supplied for safe operation without overpaying for unnecessary options. Learn more about hazardous area classifications here.

Our modular configurations and range of load capacities (125 kg – 100T) means you don’t have to compromise on performance, reliability, or safety. We help you determine the best solution to meet your individual requirements.

Reliability – Serviceability

Modular design with fewer components prevents unexpected downtime – reduces maintenance time, spare part and inventory costs.

Resilient to Environmental Conditions

JDN hoists are designed to operate in the most adverse weather and environmental conditions and are therefore ready for operation at any time.

Explosion Proof Certifications

Equipment certifications specific to the requirements of the mining industry, a smart safe investment.

Oil & Gas Processing Hoist

Top Applications

  • In feed raw material flow
  • Filter, element exchanges
  • Pump, valve, and compressor maintenance
  • Pipe handling, pipeline maintenance
  • Pig handling (pipeline cleaning and inspection)
  • Tank erection and tank cleaning
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