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Pulp & Paper

The pulp and paper industry is capital and energy intensive, often operating with tight margin. Therefore, it is highly valuable to consistently optimize processes and thus the life cycle of the plant.


Various areas of pulp & paper industry are characterized by difficult environmental conditions like dust, fibers, and high humidity or moisture.

Should the production line come to a standstill, it is extremely expensive, and therefore solutions must be available that reliably help ensure operation, with loads often of up to 20 tons or greater in low clearance applications.

Operating Versatility

Low headroom heights, ease of installation and removal, and the safety of surrounding workers must all be considered.

Environmental Conditions

Due to dust, fiber, and moisture, the operating environment is one of the most unpredictable.

Efficient Processes

Process inefficiencies are expensive. Processes need to be reliable and fast to save money and resources.

Advantages & Benefits

The pulp and paper industry relies on the reliability and compact design of our solutions. Especially in areas were dust, fiber, and moisture define the environment – our pneumatic solutions provide key advantages due to their sealed purely mechanical drive.

The patented J.D. Neuhaus pneumatic drive system, rated for 100% duty cycle, in harsh environments provides fast lifting and lowering speeds paired with smooth variable speed positioning. This allows for faster more controlled positioning of loads – keeping production moving safely and preventing costly damage to expensive production equipment.

Our modular design with fewer wear components reduces the number of inspection points and time spent performing maintenance activities. Routine maintenance and replacement of critical wear items can be completed quickly without removing the hoist from the application.

Reliability – Serviceability

Modular design with fewer components prevents unexpected downtime – reduces maintenance time, spare part and inventory costs.

Impervious to the Elements

The pneumatic and hydraulic drives are purely mechanical which means that water, humidity or dust are no problem for JDN hoists and trolleys.

Increased Throughput

Designed for fast, reliable, continuous operation to increase production output while limiting potential downtime.

Permanent Excellence

Top Applications

  • Roller handling and exchange
  • Production and secondary equipment maintenance
  • Handling of bulk raw materials
  • Load in and load out of production lines
  • Handling of finished goods – rolls, bound sheets, packs
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