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Heavy loads, precise positioning – The shipyard and maritime industry is one of the core industries for JDN equipment. Extremely heavy ship components such as hull sections, engines, propulsion systems, or the ship’s propeller are often lifted and carefully positioned in difficult to access and narrow environments.

Case Studies

Diving bell for the ship Archimedes


The shipyard and maritime industry is characterized by the need to complete more work, with less manpower, while remaining on or ahead of schedule and under budget. In addition to the safety aspect, robustness and reliability of the lifting equipment plays a very important role in moving heavy and large loads with complex rigging arrangements often with millimeter precision.

The variety of shipyard or shipboard applications – with some of the heaviest loads, long lift heights, and the need to install and remove hoist equipment in difficult to access areas like the engine room, are key factors that shipbuilders’ value when selecting hoist, trolley, and overhead crane solutions.

Operating Versatility

High loads, long lifts, ease of installation and removal, and the safety of surrounding workers must all be considered.

Environmental Conditions

Due to fluctuating weather, salt spray, dust, and dirt, the operating environment is one of the most unpredictable.

Positioning Heavy Loads

Precisely positioning heavy loads in often difficult to access areas is a frequent challenge.

Advantages & Benefits

J.D. Neuhaus has years of experience with thousands of hoist systems supplied for the shipyard and maritime industry. Their versatility of use, reliability, and long-term durability have been proven by many of the largest commercial and defense operators around the world.

The compact envelope of JDN equipment, in comparison to their total lifting capacity, makes it possible to use our hoists in the most challenging of confined spaces – with load capacities from 125kg to over 100 ton.

Our modular design with fewer wear components reduces the number of inspection points and time spent performing maintenance activities. Whether in port or at sea, routine maintenance and replacement of critical wear items can be completed quickly with little effort.

Re-Configurable, Ease of Installation

Hoists and trolleys are easily reconfigurable with different lift heights, load capacities, and control options, all with fast single air connection installation.

Impervious to the Elements

The pneumatic and hydraulic drives are purely mechanical which means that water, humidity, dust or dirt are no problem for JDN hoists and trolleys.

Precise Movement

Precision pneumatics for safe reliable positioning of the heaviest of loads, while the operator maintains a safe distance.

J.D. Neuhaus Shipyards & Maritime

Top Applications

  • Mounting and dismantling of propellers (even underwater), rudder blades and shafts
  • Mounting of motors and other ship components
  • Transporting of hatch way covers
  • Ship extensions: pulling and fixing of hull sections for welding
  • Maintenance and repair cranes within the engine room
  • On deck lifting equipment
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