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The circulatory system of global commerce. Whether by truck, rail, ship, or plane – the transportation industry has a diverse and often unique set of challenges to ensure goods are transported safely and efficiently.


Success if often measured by time and capacity – load / unload time, handling time, transit time, perishable and critical products, the ability to move huge volumes of goods and materials all over the world.

The high value of operating equipment and its direct impact on revenue, means that the ability to complete maintenance quickly along with long term durability have a huge impact on both the operator’s top and bottom line financial success.

However, the most important factor, is safety – large heavy loads and moving equipment creates an ever changing work environment requiring awareness and the ability to react quickly.

Operating Versatility

High loads, long lifts, ease of installation and removal, and the safety of surrounding workers must all be considered.

Environmental Conditions

Due to fluctuating weather, humidity, chemicals, dust or dirt the operating environment is one of the most unpredictable.

Positioning Heavy Loads

Precisely positioning heavy loads in often difficult to access areas is a frequent challenge.

Advantages & Benefits

The patented J.D. Neuhaus pneumatic drive system, rated for 100% duty cycle, in harsh environments provides fast lifting and lowering speeds paired with smooth variable speed positioning. This allows for faster more controlled positioning of loads – whether finished goods or equipment, and faster bulk loading – unloading.

Our modular design with fewer wear components reduces the number of inspection points and time spent performing maintenance activities. Routine maintenance and replacement of critical wear items can be completed quickly without removing the hoist from the application. Get equipment back into service quickly, with less man power and lower total cost.

Heavy loads (up to 100 metric ton), long lift heights, and exposure to the elements are all easily accomplished by JDN hoist and trolley systems. It works when you need to.

Increased Throughput

Designed for fast, reliable, continuous operation to increase throughput while limiting potential downtime.

Precise Movement

Precision pneumatics for safe repetitive positioning of components, while reducing operator fatigue.

Reliability – Serviceability

Modular design with fewer components prevents unexpected downtime – reduces maintenance time, spare part and inventory costs.

Top Applications

  • Tank cleaning – truck, rail, container, or stationary
  • Bulk loading / unloading, terminal hose handling
  • Trailer fabrication and maintenance
  • Railcar assembly and maintenance
  • Aircraft assembly and maintenance
  • Propulsion system manufacturing
  • Tire handling, mounting
  • Pump and conveyor handling, maintenance
  • Special applications within the transportation industry
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