J.D. Neuhaus

360° quality back

Global quality standard for hoists in the harshest of operating conditions.

Even under extreme operating conditions, such as underwater or at -45°C, J.D. Neuhaus hoists and cranes reliably move loads and “are up to the job”. They are in use in more than 70 different sectors, and particularly in demand in the oil and gas exploration and processing sectors, in mining, the chemical industry, heavy plant construction as well as many areas of logistics.

Thanks to this globally unique specialisation, we are not only recognised experts in this field, but also the world market leader with customers in more than 90 countries around the globe.

The Integrated Management System (IMS) at J.D. Neuhaus

Every year, JDN invests in its employees, workplaces and the working environment. An integrated management system (IMS) forms the framework for all the economic, ecological and social decisions that the company makes, as well as their implementation and the monitoring of their effects. The system links all the processes within the organisation together, from planning and design through to manufacturing and service.

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Quality management systems (DIN EN ISO 9001)

J.D. Neuhaus has offered its customers the security of verifiable, planned and consistent quality since 1991. This can only be guaranteed if the entire lifecycle, from development of the product and purchasing of raw materials to production and sale is precisely planned, controlled and documented on the basis of a quality manual.

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Environmental management systems (ISO 14001)

J.D. Neuhaus is especially keen to play its part in providing lasting protection for the environment. During the development and manufacture of products, JDN pays particular attention to their durability and recyclability and the use of environmentally-friendly materials and processes. Every product is accompanied by information relating to emissions and disposal. All processes are designed to save energy and water and to generate as little waste and emissions as possible.

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Industrial safety

The safety of our employees at their place of work is the highest priority in the management of industrial safety. At regular intervals, Executive Management carries out audits and examines the appropriate figures to check that the industrial safety system is delivering the desired results. The best possible level of industrial safety within the company is achieved through an open dialogue between Executive Management, the workforce and public authorities.

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