J.D. Neuhaus

Radio Controls for JDN Hoists and Crane Systems

The innovation: Compact receiver JDN-RC standardises hoist and crane control.

Explosion Protection

Transmitter: EX II 3G EX ic IIC T4 Gc / EX II 3D EX ic IIIC T95° C Dc
Receiver: EX II 3G Ex nc [ic] IIC T4 Gc / EX II 3D Ex tc [ic] IIIC T135° C Dc

Compact JDN Radio Control receiver

Compact JDN receiver

Radio Controls

for JDN Hoists and Crane Systems

JDN has developed a new concept for controlling hoists and crane systems. Most advantageous is the new JDN receiver with it’s solid and extreme compact design. All components are accommodated in a space-saving shock-resistant GRP casing with protection class IP 65.

The well-designed construction faciliates easy installation. The standardised interface on the JDN-RC allows retrofitting even for existing products of the Profi series. The receiver can be mounted on the hoist or trolley or at separate location.

JDN radio controls are suitable for use up to zone 2/22.

The included transmitter offers the following advantages:

  • Robust and ergonomic design
  • Dust and water-protected (IP 65) via breathable membranes guiding condensation
  • from the interior to the exterior. This keeps dust and water from penetrating inside.
  • Seawater-resistant design for offshore applications
  • Single or two-step commands
  • Start/horn push-button
  • LED operating status display
  • LED low voltage indicator
  • Battery charger, Ex battery, leather strap

Advantages of the JDN radio control at a glance:

  • The compact design of the receiver even makes it suitable for hoists with low carrying capacity
  • Perfect for covering long distances between hoist and operator
  • A sensible alternative to applications with a long control hose
  • Can be used in hard-to-reach places
  • Can be used to control multiple hoists at once
  • Existing hoists of the Profi series can be upgraded
  • Sturdy remote control

Technical Data JDN-RC

RF technology FM synthesizer
Frequency range 434 MHz (for EU, USA, China, Singapore, Australia, South Africa)
458 MHz (for Canada)
Additional frequencies upon request
Safety address 20 bit (1 mil.)

Technical Data transmitter

Material polyamide with fibreglass
Weight approx. 1600 g
Dimensions H = 165 mm / W = 235 mm /D = 110 mm
Temperature range-20° C to +55° C
Diagnostics status LED
RF output < 10 mW
Protection type IP 65 (IP 66 upon request)
Operating time up to 20 hours
Battery voltage 3,6 VDC

Ex classification:
EX II 3G EX ic IIB T4 Gc
EX II 3D EX ic IIIC T95° C Dc

Technical Data receiver

Material fibreglass-enhanced polyester
Weight < 2500 g
Dimensions H = 200 mm / W = 250 mm / D=120 mm
Temperature range -25° C to +55° C
Protection type IP 65
Operating voltage 24 VDC

Ex classification:
EX II 3G Ex nc [ic] IIB T4 Gc
EX II 3D Ex tc [ic] IIIC T135° C Dc

Issue: 13.04.2017

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