J.D. Neuhaus

Performance & Durabiltity back


“Apply air and it just has to work.” This is the short and sweet explanation provided by one of our customers about how simple and simultaneously high the standard for hoists and crane systems from J.D. Neuhaus is set. At smelting furnaces, in mines, at wharfs, on drilling platforms, in the Arctic at - 45° Celsius, or 100 m deep underwater.

Everywhere in the world, customers rely on our promised performance: “Engineered for extremes”. They rely on JDN products providing full power every time. And the tougher the environmental conditions, the heavier the load being moved, the more important this absolute reliability is. The more our own concept of quality counts.


The long company history of J.D. Neuhaus, the many years of loyalty of our employees and customers, the validated durability of our products for decades – all of this proves: To us, this is not about being in top form briefly at a certain time. J.D. Neuhaus permanently stands for sustainable excellence.

Metaphorically speaking, permanent excellence is therefore less of a snapshot in time, but rather much more a long-term development. The focus is placed on properties like industriousness, endurance, and the will to make improvements constantly. We are perfect at this – as the last centuries attest.

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