J.D. Neuhaus

Tradition & Innovation back


J.D. Neuhaus is unique in the world of hoisting technology. It is a stable, mid-sized company. A family owned company that has maintained its independence for over 270 years. We are honourable merchants, we know our roots, and we preserve our values. We have a social responsibility. Are we old-fashioned? Certainly not!

We are the world’s market leader for pneumatic and hydraulic hoists and crane solutions because to us, tradition does not mean just sticking with old solutions. On the contrary: at J.D. Neuhaus, it is a tradition to think ahead, to become better, to find new solutions, to be progressive. It is our job to move loads. For this reason alone, standing idle is not in our vocabulary.


If a mechanical engineering company like J.D. Neuhaus can endure the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries with a supporting idea rising up in the 21st century to become the world’s market leader, this means more than just a success story from a blacksmith to the Industrial Revolution and Industry 4.0. This is a story of continuous innovation.

The best prove: In 1952, mines still worked with hand-operated hoists, which meant with muscle power. At J.D. Neuhaus, the idea was developed to replace the conventional manual operation with an air motor. This was a big step forward, since an air motor does not produce sparks in contrast to an electrical motor, which is crucial for survival in mines. This innovation still literally helps us move mountains, now in more than 90 countries and 70 industries.

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