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Case Study

Boels Rental / Hef & Hijs Nederland

Boels specializes in the rental of a wide diversity of lifting and hoisting equipment. The rental equipment is manufactured by leading brands, well maintained and of course always fully certified.

In addition to an extensive rental fleet, Boels also offer inspection, certification and testing services for your own lifting and hoisting equipment.


The challenges in rental business

As Boels Netherland is a rental company which offers solutions from various hoists manufactures. All those are not compatible with an another, because chain size as well as top and bottom hooks are completely different. As they constantly adapt their hoists to the need of the customers, it is vital to do their business to be able to use the same parts or chains for the same product.

Additionally, the service of the hoist fleet before they decided to go with JDN, was time consuming and also costly. Main reason for that was that the technical design of the previous solutions has been complicated and not easy to service.

  • High service times
  • Compatibility of parts
  • High stock of parts

The requirements

As a rental of lifting gear Boels Netherland feels that reliability, speed of action and a flexible attitude are important to providing excellent service with the right level of customer focus. Their customers have to depend on their extensive and relevant service package in combination with 24/7 support. And they always work non-stop on continuity and safety with maximum flexibility. Because that is important, now and in the future.

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Fast & flexible service

What was your biggest concern before your decision to use JDN hoist?
Price, different chain size and not compatible with a competitor hoist series. As a rental company we constantly change the 1, 2 ton and the 3, 6 ton to the need of the customer by changing tophooks and bottom hooks and as we have been doing business with a JDN competitor for 14 years you can imagine that we had a good relation and a lot in stock like tophooks, bottom hooks, parts and chain.

What was the outcome?
With the introduction of a new model by this competitor price was the only factor holding us back, but the quality and the durability made us decide to buy JDN

What was the biggest impact for you to use JDN hoists?
No need to change tophook saves a lot of time, fewer parts on outside of hoists, range fits our needs 1,2,3,6,10 and 16 ton. No shut off switch levers which were giving us a lot of problems and costs due to damage.

Numbers of Boels
Years of experience
0 / 7
0 %
shortened time for service with JDN

Is there something else that surprised you?
After training and using the hoists we are especially surprised by the control (valves) and internal design, our mechanics can service, repair, clean, change and test the hoist by almost half the time they are used to.

Would you recommend JDN?  Why?
As we are a rental company we can not see in which state our customers use the hoists, so we need an No nonsense always working easy to use and repair air hoist. We are very happy with the partnership so far.

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