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Case Study

Czerwinski GmbH – Hoists for tanker cleaning

Data on the end customer

  • Industrial cleaning of chemical and food transports
  • Spatially separated cleaning lanes for chemical and food products, equipped with state-of-the-art technology
  • Systems offer the highest standards in cleaning, hygiene, emission control (including compliance with Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) guidelines) and occupational safety


The Application

The cleaning of tankers that transport chemicals or foodstuffs requires precisely controllable spray heads that can be moved with hoists from J.D. Neuhaus. The sensitive manoeuvrability ensures that the cleaning solution is evenly distributed in hard-to-reach areas of the tank. This removes residues, increases transport safety and minimises environmental and health risks. The flexible control of the spray heads also makes it possible to adapt the cleaning process according to requirements and the type of load.

High humidity and the use of strong cleaning agents place special demands on the hoists. The lifting equipment from J.D. Neuhaus therefore plays a decisive role in the efficiency and effectiveness of tanker cleaning.

The Solution

Special load sleeves, a stainless steel chain and a cable control system for exact positioning of the spray heads using JDN hoists were manufactured for the special application. In addition, ATEX classification is essential due to the risk of explosion caused by chemical residues. Due to the permanently high humidity and strong cleaning agents, the durability of the hoists is an absolute must. As is easy maintenance in order to minimise downtime.

  • Customised load sleeve, stainless steel chain, rope control
  • Corresponding ATEX classification of the hoist
  • Durability of the product
  • Easy maintenance

The main advantages

Thanks to many years of experience, JDN is able to offer its customers a perfect overall package from production to installation and commissioning. Open and clear communication with our customers on site is a matter of course for us. Even the standard version of our hoists is suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and is highly resistant to moisture.

  • Complete package from on-site consultation and production to installation and commissioning
  • Safe operation in an explosion protection zone
  • Insensitive to moisture
  • Open and clear communication with the customer on site

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