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LISNAVE – ESTALEIROS NAVAIS, S.A. – Hoists for ship maintenance and repair

LISNAVE – ESTALEIROS NAVAIS, S.A. is one of the world’s leading ship repair companies. Lisnave diversity of dock sizes (three panamax hydrolift docks and three large size docks up to VLCC) allows flexibility in solutions to accommodate simultaneously several units both large and small. The Mitrena Ship Repair Yard remains an important hub of shiprepair technical know-how with a large number of specialist skilled technicians serving Owners with timely, safe and reliable dockings.

Known for its large tanker repair capabilities, Lisnave has from the start of the company been repairing the world’s largest tankers (Suezmax to ULCC). Market dynamics has led over the years to a diversification of types and sizes of ships repaired today at Lisnave’s Mitrena Shipyard. The repair and docking projects range from small to large tankers, bulkers, container carriers and cruise ships. Many sophisticated dredging, cruise and offshore units are calling Lisnave to carry out maintenance and repair dockings.


The relationship between JDN and Lisnave dates back several decades. Maintenance and repair jobs in drydocks require very flexible and reliable hoists for various lifting activities. Also, the solution needs to be robust enough to withstand the demanding shipyard environments like humidity or salt and dirt.


The JDN air hoist are used for various propulsion systems applications like changing propellers, shafts or thrusters. Depending on the size of the vessel there is always the right size of the hoist with the right capacity to get the job done. With the robust, safe and reliable design the JDN air hoists can be attached to the vessels pretty easily. With JDN rope control even heavy loads can be precisely positioned. This is a typical drydock use for our hoists.

Conclusion and relationship

Over the years a very fruitful relationship between Lisnave and JDN evolved. Thanks to the high quality and reliable products the trust for each other’s work grew over time. Nowadays Lisnave has over 100 JDN hoists, mostly between 2t and 40t capacity, operating their various services. Olímpio Rascão, Lisnave’s Planning & Subcontracting Manager, expresses their satisfaction with JDN: “We have a long and positive relationship with JDN.  Their air hoists are essential tools for our operations, and we consistently rely on their performance.  The hoists’ robust design effortlessly withstands our shipyard environment.  The extensive JDN fleet we operate is a testament to our satisfaction with their products.”

JDN in the shipyard industry

Heavy loads, precise positioning – The shipyard and maritime industry is one of the core industries for JDN equipment. Extremely heavy ship components such as hull sections, engines, propulsion systems, or the ship’s propeller are often lifted and carefully positioned in difficult to access and narrow environments.

The shipyard and maritime industry is characterized by the need to complete more work, with less manpower, while remaining on or ahead of schedule and under budget. In addition to the safety aspect, robustness and reliability of the lifting equipment plays a very important role in moving heavy and large loads with complex rigging arrangements often with millimeter precision.

The variety of shipyard or shipboard applications – with some of the heaviest loads, long lift heights, and the need to install and remove hoist equipment in difficult to access areas like the engine room, are key factors that shipbuilders’ value when selecting hoist, trolley, and overhead crane solutions from JDN.

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