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Air hoists and cranes by J.D. Neuhaus have unbeatable advantages.

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Air Hoists PROFI

Carrying capacities: 250 kg bis 100 t
Air pressure: 4 bar or 6 bar
JDN Air Hoists PROFI Series are very robust and therefore suitable for tough industrial applications even in continuous working processes. According to requirement there are various control systems.

Air Hoists mini

Carrying capacities: 125 kg, 250 kg,
500 kg, 980 kg
Air pressure: 6 bar
Whereas the JDN PROFI series is recommended specially for heavy duty industrial applications the mini widens the range of application in the light duty sector as a handy, flexible and universally deployable hoist making it an ideal tool for the most different handicraft workshops.

mini Manipulator

Carrying capacities: 125 kg and 250 kg With the Mini Manipulator loads can be lifted, lowered, manually traversed and feeded with only one hand. At the same time lifting and lowering speeds can be sensitively regulated by push button control. Due to light weight the Mini Manipulator is easy to handle.

Air Hoists M Series

Carrying capacities: 1 t up to 6 t
Air pressure: 4 bar
JDN Air Chain Hoists of the M series were originally developed for underground mining operations.


Carrying capacities: up to 20 t
Trolleys are available for all hoists of the PROFI and M series:

  • as manual trolleys (LN) for pushing or pulling the trolleys by hand
  • as reel chain trolleys (LH) for moving the trolleys by unwinding the reel chain
  • as motorised trolley (LM) powered by an air motor

Low Headroom Trolleys

The trolley for areas where headroom is restricted
Carrying capacities: from 0,5 t up to 6,3 t
When only low headroom is available and the standard trolleys don't meet the requirements we recommend JDN low headroom trolleys where the air hoists are horizontally mounted.

Monorail Air Hoists

Carrying capacities: 10 t up to 115 t per unit JDN Monorail Hoists are available with air or hydraulic drive for the offshore industry and where heavy loads in reduced spaces have to be moved.

Ultra-Low Monorail Hoists

Carrying capacities: 4 t up to 100 t
Air pressure: 6 bar
Where loads have to be lifted and transported in extremely reduced spaces the JDN Ultra-Low Monorail Hoists come to work. For example the monorail hoist with a load capacity of 6 t has a headroom of only 210 mm.

Big Bag Handling Air Hoists

For big bag handling applications, J.D. Neuhaus offers innovative system solutions and thus meets the special requirements of this range of use.

Hydraulic Hoists PROFI

Carrying capacities: 3 t up to 100 t As an alternative to compressed-air drive, we can supply you with JDN Hydraulic Hoists with carrying capacities up to 100 t. Depending on motor size, the hoists work with intake pressures from 130 to 180 bar. Operating fluid: oil.

Hydraulic Monorail Hoists

Carrying capacities: 20 t up to 100 t As an alternative to compressed-air drive, we can supply you with JDN Hydraulic Monorail Hoists with carrying capacities up to 100 t. Depending of motor size the monorail hoists work with an intake pressure of 130 bar up to 180 bar. Pressure fluid: Oil.

Ratchet Hoist WITT

Carrying capacities: 1,5 t, 2,5 t The WITT serves for lifting, pulling, tensioning or anchoring operations under all working positions. It has a robust cast iron housing and is extremely resistant against external influences.

Subsea Hoists

The JDN PROFI Subsea Series is supplied by air or hydraulics. Besides a variable speed control the hoists are fitted with an overload protection. Water depths down to 70 m are realisable. Altogether the hoists of the PROFI Subsea Series are a super versatile tool, also suitable for horizontal and oblique use.

Cryogenic Hoists

The temperature range of JDN Monorail Hoists in standard version is -20°C to +70°C.
For a special application at temperatures of minus 45°C, as e.g. the BOP Handling in arctic zones, JDN has developed Hydraulic Monorail Hoists, which meet this demands.


Cranes in standard version are suitable for working in hazardous areas. Explosion-protected JDN Cranes are the right choice for the most challenging conditions.

Crane Kits

For crane manufacturer J.D. Neuhaus offers crane kits with pneumatic drives.

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