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One year JDN mini Food Grade – A review and status quo


On 28.02.2021 the JDN mini Food Grade celebrated its birthday.

Here’s a brief review of the successes we’ve celebrated, how satisfied our customers are, and what we’ve learned.

Users and partners approached us in 2019 and requested if we could develop a hoist adapted to the high demands of the food industry? Our eyes quickly fell on the JDN mini, newly launched in 2018. The innovative basis of the JDN mini already offers real built-in advantages, e.g. extreme ease of maintenance (“service on the hook”) or also the sensitive stepless control. TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) already took a major role in the development of the JDN mini.

After an intensive development period always in exchange with the users in the food industry, we were able to present our customers within a very short time a hoist that is optimally adapted to the high requirements of the food industry – the JDN mini Food Grade.

In addition to the innovative standard features of the JDN mini, the JDN mini Food Grade has, among other things, received a corrosion-resistant stainless steel equipment. This is resistant to high humidity in the environment. Even aggressive disinfectants and cleaning agents for hygienic operation cannot harm the hoist. The use of a food-compatible lubrication – another highlight – ensures safe and clean use in the food industry. The purely mechanical pneumatic drive prevents salt bridges or short circuits. Downtimes in “just-in-time food production” are eliminated, potential safety risks are avoided.

With targeted online webinars – especially now in times of the worldwide pandemic – we have introduced our partners and also users to the advantages of the JDN mini Food Grade with its pneumatic drive. Thus, 365 days after market launch we could already successfully equip customers all over the world with a significant number of hoists.

Our partner Christian Zurek, Managing Director at Glettenberg Hebezeug-Service GmbH reports: “A great example for the use of the JDN mini Food Grade is a meat processing company. Here the device is exposed to very adverse environmental conditions every day. For example, the unit has to be cleaned daily with very aggressive detergents and high pressure cleaners to meet the high hygiene regulations. There have been no failures and high durability.”

Andre Rohde, our Head of Sales J.D. Neuhaus DE, also sees further potential: “The food industry has been new territory for us in this form. The feedback from the global market shows that we are on an excellent path with the JDN mini Food Grade.”

With experience comes improvement – So we are working with the market to add more features to the instrument and expand the portfolio for the food industry.

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