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Building Materials

The oldest of raw materials – our history and experience within the underground mining industry has proven valuable in the aggregate materials as well. Heavy loads, like crusher rollers, need to be exchanged on a regular basis and the hoist must be precise and reliable in dusty open environments.


The environment within the Building and Aggregate Material Industry is characterized by dust, dirt and oftentimes heavy loads that are needed either directly or in support of the production process.

Inevitably safety, reliability, and in some cases explosion protection, play a major role when selecting the correct lifting equipment.

Explosive Environment

High demands on safety and explosion protection make it challenging for humans and machines.

Environmental Conditions

Due to intense dust and dirt the environment requires solution that are reliable in such conditions.

Positioning Heavy Loads

The operators want to move heavy loads to the exact millimeter in a safe way.

Advantages & Benefits

With decades of experience in the Building and Aggregate Material industry, J.D. Neuhaus has continued to refine the optimal hoist systems for these challenges. Our unique pneumatic drive generates no sparks, requires no electricity, and is suitable to operate in extreme dust and dirt, as the drive itself is designed to blow out dust.

The compact and robust design of the hoists comes with a 100% duty rating and low maintenance.

Compact and robust design

JDN hoists are designed to be compact and extremely robust, have low weight and offer easy handling.

Insensitive to environment

The pneumatic drive is purely mechanical which means that intense and fine dust or dirt are no problem for JDN solutions.

Precise Movement

Precision pneumatics for safe reliable positioning of the heaviest of loads, while the operator maintains a safe distance.

Permanent Excellence

Top Applications

  • Mounting and exchanging of crushers, rollers, millstones
  • Assembly and maintenance of bulk material handling conveyors
  • Equipment maintenance and repair
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