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Versatility, Reliability, Safety – The construction industry demands a lot from JDN Hoists. From tunneling and bridge construction to skyscrapers, towers, or other infrastructure, construction projects are under constant time pressure and every delay leads to higher costs.


The construction industry is characterized by dirt, dust, and weather. In addition to safety, robustness and reliability play a very important role in moving the heaviest and largest loads often in narrow spaces.

The variety of projects – with some of the heaviest loads, long lift heights, and the need to install and remove hoist equipment quickly and easily, are key factors in getting the most value from a hoist and trolley solution.

Case Studies

Boels Rental / Hef & Hijs Nederland

Operating Versatility

High loads, long lifts, ease of installation and removal, and the safety of surrounding workers must all be considered.

Environmental Conditions

Due to fluctuating weather, dust, and dirt, the operating environment is one of the most unpredictable.

Positioning Heavy Loads

Precisely positioning heavy loads in often difficult to access areas is a frequent challenge.

Advantages & Benefits

J.D. Neuhaus is the dominant pneumatic and hydraulic hoist partner to nearly all the largest industrial and construction rental companies. These partnerships have proven our diverse technical capabilities and ability to provide reliable – high return on investment equipment across a diverse range of construction projects.

Moving, positioning, and building – safely and effectively. Keeping projects on time with less man power.

Advantages include:

Re-Configurable, Ease of Installation

Hoists and trolleys are easily reconfigurable with different lift heights, load capacities, and control options, all with fast single air connection installation.

Impervious to the Elements

The pneumatic and hydraulic drives are purely mechanical which means that water, humidity, dust or dirt are no problem for JDN hoists and trolleys.

Precise Movement

Precision pneumatics for safe reliable positioning of the heaviest of loads, while the operator maintains a safe distance.

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Top Applications

  • Positioning of shield supports
  • Moving working platforms
  • Bridge deck removal and replacement
  • Tank and tower construction
  • Handling of cement forms
  • Steel erection, positioning
  • Moving construction materials and equipment (e.g. drilling and tunneling machines)
  • Special applications with capacities of up to 100 t for securing of vertical full profile drilling machines.
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