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Tough, Dirty, Dangerous – the mining industry includes some of the most demanding applications and is the birthplace of the original J.D. Neuhaus air hoist.

Since this time in 1953, we have continued to improve and innovate our product offerings resulting in thousands of JDN Air Hoists deployed successfully to underground mining operations all over the world.


The underground mining industry combines every aspect of extremes. Dust, dirt, humidity, and the need to maneuver in tight spaces – lifting, dragging, and oblique pulling are all key operating conditions.

Safety is the most important challenge, as there is no room for error. Explosion protection, prevention, and spark resistance is of the utmost importance.

Explosive Environments

High demands on safety and explosion protection make it challenging for humans and machines.

Environmental Conditions

Due to high humidity, dust and dirt, the environment is one of the toughest.

Limited Installation Space

Mining shafts are often narrow, thus hoists need to be suitable for vertical, horizontal, and oblique pulling.

Advantages & Benefits

With decades of experience, J.D. Neuhaus hoists are designed and manufactured specifically to the requirements of the mining industry.

The pneumatic or hydraulic drive system is explosion proof – generates no sparks, needs no electricity, and is suitable for vertical, horizontal, and oblique pulling. Learn more about hazardous area – explosion proof classifications here.

The compact and robust design of the hoists includes a 100% duty rating, with minimal maintenance, ensuring the highest long term value – proven in this extreme environment.

Impervious to the Elements

The pneumatic drive is purely mechanical which means that water, humidity, dust or dirt are no problem for JDN hoists and trolleys.

Explosion Proof Certifications

Equipment certifications specific to the requirements of the mining industry, a smart safe investment.

Compact and Robust Design

JDN hoists are designed to be compact and extremely robust, and offer easy handling with low maintenance costs.


Top Applications

  • Long walls: Positioning of shield supports
  • Stationary: Lifting and lowering working platforms
  • Horizontal shafts: In combination with monorails for transport of equipment
  • Vertical shafts: Lifting and lowering of objects (full profile drilling machines)
  • Used as general lifting and pulling tool in the works and repair shops
  • Robbing of mines
  • Routine operation at the coal face
  • Belt spanners
  • Construction works, lifting front load buckets
  • Special applications with capacities up to 100 t for securing of vertical full profile drilling machines.
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