J.D. Neuhaus

The JDN Way

J.D. Neuhaus is guided by precisely one idea: Our family, our company, our brand. The idea was created by the company’s founder in 1745, Johann Diederich Conrad Neuhaus, and resulted in his entry as “Fabrickant”, a manufacturer, in the “Sprockhövelsche Fabrickenbuch” company register.

“Enthusiastic customers, moving loads under even the most difficult conditions.”

That is the only thing that matters at J.D. Neuhaus.

We have increased our skill in the special area of hoisting technology every day – for generations. And we have a clear goal in sight at every metre along our path: Doing things a little better than they need to be. This is our very own, deeply internalised standard for maximum quality. That is how we all work at J.D. Neuhaus. In this way, and only this way, are we able to develop and produce hoists that are unique around the world and are able to stand up to even the toughest conditions for decades. We call this “permanent excellence”.

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