Engineered for extremes

The JDN Way

J.D. Neuhaus is guided by precisely one idea: Our family, our company, our brand. The idea was created by the company’s founder in 1745, Johann Diederich Conrad Neuhaus, and resulted in his entry as “Fabrickant”, a manufacturer, in the “Sprockhövelsche Fabrickenbuch” company register.

“Enthusiastic customers, moving loads under even the most difficult conditions.”

That is the only thing that matters at J.D. Neuhaus.

We have increased our skill in the special area of hoisting technology every day – for generations. And we have a clear goal in sight at every metre along our path: Doing things a little better than they need to be. This is our very own, deeply internalised standard for maximum quality. That is how we all work at J.D. Neuhaus. In this way, and only this way, are we able to develop and produce hoists that are unique around the world and are able to stand up to even the toughest conditions for decades. We call this “permanent excellence”.

Tradition & Innovation

Long before the French Revolution broke out in France, the blacksmith's shop of Johann Diederich Neuhaus produced the first solutions for moving loads. Today his descendants are world leaders.

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J.D. Neuhaus is unique in the world of hoisting technology. It is a stable, mid-sized company. A family owned company that has maintained its independence for over 270 years. We are honourable merchants, we know our roots, and we preserve our values. We have a social responsibility. Are we old-fashioned? Certainly not!

We are the world’s market leader for pneumatic and hydraulic hoists and crane solutions because to us, tradition does not mean just sticking with old solutions. On the contrary: at J.D. Neuhaus, it is a tradition to think ahead, to become better, to find new solutions, to be progressive. It is our job to move loads. For this reason alone, standing idle is not in our vocabulary.


If a mechanical engineering company like J.D. Neuhaus can endure the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries with a supporting idea rising up in the 21st century to become the world’s market leader, this means more than just a success story from a blacksmith to the Industrial Revolution and Industry 4.0. This is a story of continuous innovation.

The best prove: In 1952, mines still worked with hand-operated hoists, which meant with muscle power. At J.D. Neuhaus, the idea was developed to replace the conventional manual operation with an air motor. This was a big step forward, since an air motor does not produce sparks in contrast to an electrical motor, which is crucial for survival in mines. This innovation still literally helps us move mountains, now in more than 90 countries and 70 industries.

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Performance & Durabiltity

Continuous functional capability - this is the simple yet exacting requirement J.D. Neuhaus places on its hoists and crane systems, which they often meet for decades.

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“Apply air and it just has to work.” This is the short and sweet explanation provided by one of our customers about how simple and simultaneously high the standard for hoists and crane systems from J.D. Neuhaus is set. At smelting furnaces, in mines, at wharfs, on drilling platforms, in the Arctic at - 45° Celsius, or 100 m deep underwater.

Everywhere in the world, customers rely on our promised performance: “Engineered for extremes”. They rely on JDN products providing full power every time. And the tougher the environmental conditions, the heavier the load being moved, the more important this absolute reliability is. The more our own concept of quality counts.


The long company history of J.D. Neuhaus, the many years of loyalty of our employees and customers, the validated durability of our products for decades – all of this proves: To us, this is not about being in top form briefly at a certain time. J.D. Neuhaus permanently stands for sustainable excellence.

Metaphorically speaking, permanent excellence is therefore less of a snapshot in time, but rather much more a long-term development. The focus is placed on properties like industriousness, endurance, and the will to make improvements constantly. We are perfect at this – as the last centuries attest.

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Partnership & Passion

Being the global market leader is a team effort. You become the global market leader through the active fostering of team players. Team players, as part of an intelligent learning system, do more than just their job.

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When colleagues and teams work together, it is much more than just cooperation between technical experts. It is always a meeting of minds, characterised by mutual respect. Whether it is at our company or with our suppliers and customers: We remain reliable, trustworthy, loyal partners. This enables us to achieve what everyone wants: excellent results.


You do not become the world’s market leader by providing the minimum. You become the world’s market leader with team players that receive dedicated support and colleagues who do more than just their job in an intelligent, learning system: excited, passionate employees who are constantly searching for best solutions to ensure a shared success. This makes us as strong as we are. That is the JDN spirit. This motivates us to continue the JDN way in the future. Bold, energetic, and committed.

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