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The history of the modern hoist

The Hoist Museum – probably the only one of its kind in the world – shows the history of the lever to the modern hoist. Furthermore it documents the 278 year old tradition of the Neuhaus Company: to lift and lower, to pull and to move loads.

As we constantly develop something new which bases on proven elements we respect what has been created by our ancestors. Therefore we have built a little museum near to our modern factory to document the development of hoists, tools and machines over the centuries.

In the Hoist Museum you can see the history of the hoists from the Stone Age till today based on scale models as well as on originals. The discovery of the leverage, the construction of the pyramids, the setting up of the Vatican obelisk are only a few examples of the “material handling” achievements which we can show you in our Hoist Museum.


Historic Winch Smithy

In our Historic Winch Smithy you can experience how hard and sudorific the work of the blacksmith was in former times. Old tools needed for the manufacture of wooden shank winches give evidence of this epoch.


The Winch Factory

In our authentically rebuilt Winch Factory J.D. Neuhaus we demonstrate the state of the art of around 1900: transmission belt driven machines for the tooling of wood and metal which by the way are still in perfect working conditions.


Warehouse Crane

As an example for middle aged art of engineering stands a replica of the Warehouse Crane of the Town of Lüneburg on our open grounds side by side with tread-wheels and old wooden shank winches in different sizes.

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